• Centurion
  • 26/06/2023


Trido Energy Services (Trido), part of Centurion Canada Rentals & Services (Centurion CRS), celebrates its first year as part of Centurion.

Acquired by Centurion in Spring 2022, Trido Energy Services and Trido Carbon Fund II are leading providers of sustainable and innovative solar-powered production equipment to the energy industry based in Calgary, Canada and offer a unique, revolutionary integrated end-to-end carbon credit management service. Trido was Centurion’s first-ever acquisition of clean energy technology.

Trido currently supports 44 clients, eliminating CO2e emissions by 400,000 tonnes annually – equivalent to removing over 84,000 cars from the road or planting 6.6 million trees. And, in 2022 alone, the Trido Carbon Fund II supported 15 clients to remove 19,124 tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere – equivalent to eliminating the emissions of over 4,200 cars from the road annually.

Trido is continually looking for innovative ways to help clients reach their carbon reduction targets in addition to identifying and evaluating opportunities for growth that result in more technical and differentiated offerings.

Since joining Centurion, Trido has made a significant impact in supporting the energy industry in its journey to a decarbonized future.

Note: All equivalency calculations are based on EPA-420-F-18-008.

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