• Centurion
  • 31/01/2022


Centurion Canada Rentals & Services (Centurion CRS) has continued to demonstrate its commitment to safe, sustainable and efficient business practices by upcycling equipment for a key customer’s on-site power generation requirements.

The customer, an internationally-recognised oil and gas producer, recently came to Centurion CRS in need of a natural gas-powered generator to power the accommodation units at one of their Alberta-based wellsites.

As the preferred vendor for this customer with 13+ product lines on their locations – including track hoes, 400 barrel tanks, LED light towers, communication equipment, waste treatment services and more – Centurion CRS saw an opportunity to meet this request while also reducing their own environmental impact through the innovative repurposing of an old piece of equipment in their inventory – an underutilised wastewater treatment unit that was out-of-use and ready for disposal.

The team at Centurion CRS refurbished the unit to good-as-new, converting it for an entirely new use. It now operates as a fully-functional power skid generator fitted with an efficient natural gas engine as the primary power source reducing carbon emissions and environmental footprint. Additionally, Centurion CRS expertly and efficiently redesigned and delivered the power distribution for the accommodation site in order to relocate the natural gas engine in closer proximity to gas supply.

Through innovative upcycling practice, Centurion CRS was able to give the equipment a new lease of life while also increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

For more information on Centurion CRS, please visit: https://centurioncrs.com/

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