• Centurion
  • 29/06/2022


Centurion UKRS held two highly successful customer Open Days on Wednesday June 8th and Thursday June 9th, attended by over 150 key customers and stakeholders from within the UK’s critical industries.

Held at STH’s facility in Dyce, Aberdeen, the two-day event saw Centurion UKRS brands Aleron/Seanic UK, ATR, Conserve, Labtech, Osprey3, RentAir, RMEC and STH showcase their key product lines, offering demonstrations to all attendees.

The equipment on display represented a selection of Centurion UKRS’s newest, most efficient and environmentally-sustainable products, including leading-edge shallow water ROV technology and tooling, electric compressors, eco-welfare units, waste recycling units, modular offices & accommodation units, fluid filtration systems, heat suppression “Enviro-Guard” system, efficiency-forward well testing equipment, flushing equipment and Enerpac bolting solutions.

Centurion UKRS suppliers Air Control Entech, Quill Falcon, Safety Tools Allmet, Librestream and JCB also joined the team for the event, showcasing their most advanced and innovative equipment and services to all attendees.

The Open Days provided an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to our customers the scale, diversity, efficiency and environmental sustainability of Centurion UKRS’s offering, while providing a great opportunity for brands to cross-sell and build meaningful relationships with customers while working together to represent the very best that the region has to offer.

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