• Centurion
  • 06/09/2022


Centurion UK Rentals & Services company Conserve has secured its first hire on its cutting-edge Eco Cabins – the latest addition to their fleet.

Two 20-foot units have been hired for long term rental by a leading global energy producer for their North Sea based operations. The customer is using these state-of-the-art units for additional office and meeting room spaces, and has already relayed positive feedback on the performance and functionality of the units’ to the Conserve team!

Introduced in early 2022, the Eco-Welfare range of cabins are Conserve’s answer to highly efficient temporary office facilities for almost any location – on-or-offshore. The cabins are self-contained, fully insulated and can be fitted with a solar-powered light and heating system – providing customers a flexible solution while cutting costs, fuel and keeping emissions to a minimum.

These cabins play a critical role in Centurion UKRS’ commitment to investing in greener, smarter and safer technology, helping our customers to become more efficient and sustainable on their journey to net zero.

For more information on Conserve, please visit: https://conserve.co.uk/

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