• Centurion
  • 12/11/2021


Congratulations to the team at SITE, a Centurion company, for successfully completing a $22 million CAD large-scale pipeline infrastructure project for a major international customer in Northern Alberta on time and schedule in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

SITE’s construction crews first began work in November 2020 reaching peak manpower of 125 including sub trades, with the projection completed in late summer. Various scopes of work were carried out over the course of the project, including the installation and hydrotesting of 4.1 km of 36” Steam, 30” Emulsion, 20” Casing Gas and a 8” Fuel Gas pipeline gathering line systems. In addition to the main trunk lines, multiple pipeline laterals were constructed to tie in the associated well pads.

Multiple construction disciplines were completed in SITE’s onsite fabrication yard, which significantly lowered the customer’s carbon emissions by reducing idling equipment. Not only did this reduce the environmental footprint of the project, but also allowed for cost reduction through productivity and improved installation time in the field. The completion of this piping system will now tie in directly to the Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Facility and extend the grasp of resources available in the area.

The project was executed at a high level of safety, quality and integrity as well through strong collaboration with the owner resulting in future contracts being awarded.

Well done to Rory Whaley and his entire team for carrying out this work in a timely, efficient and safe manner, while also helping their customer to become more sustainable.

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