• Centurion
  • 05/04/2021


Seanic Ocean Systems has joined The Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research (TEAMER™) program.

As part of our drive to transform the industries we serve through innovation and collaboration, Seanic Ocean Systems, a Centurion company providing critical subsea engineering services, has joined The Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research (TEAMER™) program.

Sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and directed by the Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (POET), TEAMER is an organization dedicated to moving non-O&G marine energy technologies, such as wave and tidal, closer to market through research, funding, and partnerships with leading US-based businesses within the marine energy industries.

Seanic’s state-of-the-art test tank in Texas positions them as an ideal partner for the program, which will be used to facilitate and aid in the research of marine energy technology. Through the TEAMER network, Seanic will pave the way as an approved provider of subsea engineering services for companies awarded federal grants to test their research in tidal and wave power.

Andy Guinn, President of Seanic, said: “We are delighted to be part of this important program. Our proven track record of subsea engineering excellence and one-of-a-kind test tank facility sets us apart from the rest and will allow us to make a significant contribution to TEAMER’s mission of making alternative marine energy sources viable and accessible in the marketplace.

“Seanic is committed to efficiently and sustainably meeting the needs of our customers, and through this program, we will be able to support our existing and new clients while actively participating in the transformation of the offshore industry.”

For more information on Seanic, visit their website: https://www.seanicusa.com/

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