• Centurion
  • 11/03/2022


Centurion Canada Infrastructure continues to live up to its reputation as a community-oriented business by working alongside local indigenous organizations and introducing environmental tracking on two large-scale, high-value environmental access contracts.

The multi-million dollar contracts were awarded to CINF in early 2022 by a long-term customer and one of North America’s largest midstream infrastructure businesses. These contracts will see CINF carry out critical environmental access work for two major pipeline expansion projects in southeast British Columbia and southwest Alberta regions.

As experts in their field, CINF will be delivering cutting-edge forestry access services, creating pipe and equipment laydown yards, rail crossings and the drilling and access support for the geotechnical surveys, ensuring maximum efficiency for the customer and minimizing carbon footprint and unnecessary impact on surrounding ecosystems.

The projects will also see CINF actively engage with local and indigenous communities to hire project staff. Indigenous engagement is an integral part of CINF’s business, and as partners, CINF strives to create opportunities and ensure sustainability by building strong, ongoing relationships.

To limit waste, carbon emissions and other potential environmental impact, CINF will be piloting revolutionary tracking technology that will measure and monitor important metrics, including the amount of timber salvage, pile and burn volumes, timber mulching and fuel consumption.

For more information on CINF, please visit: https://siterg.com/.

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