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Our Vision
& Values

Going Further, Together.

Our Vision

To build a successful global & sustainable rental and services company to critical industries. The focus will be on improving market recognition, adding more valuable services and getting closer to the customer through the development of stronger institutional relationships.


Refers to our commitment to safety, quality and to consistently deliver superior results vs market peers.


Refers to the strong presence in key geographic markets that creates reach and market access while providing stability.


Refers to employee satisfaction, environmental consciousness and a commitment to profitability, cash generation and financial prudence that create cycle resilience.

We do what we say

Centurion people are honest, supportive, responsive and easy to work with. We honor every commitment and expect the same from others. we listen. We respect differences. We develop and deliver fit-for-purpose solutions.

We do the right thing

Centurion people are proud of what they do, because we do the right thing every time. We are safe. We are open, transparent and professional. We create value.

We go the extra mile

Centurion people are hard working. Committed and innovative, always looking for new ways and new opportunities to improve, large and small. We drive change. We challenge the status quo.

We work together

Centurion people use their skills, knowledge and experience to build positive relationships wherever they can. We work as one team, locally and globally. We learn. we teach. We actively share knowledge and insight.