• Centurion
  • 07/09/2021


Osprey3’s Netherlands team have engineered and delivered two cutting-edge, bespoke reverse osmosis [RO] water treatment packages to Algeria.

The RO treatment systems – which work to remove salt from water – were delivered as part of a high-value contract. They were developed as part of Osprey3’s drive to grow of new ESG-forward avenues in product line developments.

These units are critically important to the end user to assure the removal of unwanted molecules, particulates, sediments, and salts from deluge fire protection systems.

On top of delivering a safe, sustainable and efficient solution to desalinate water, the system indirectly cuts greenhouse gas emissions for the customer, who now no longer needs to truck water to location. This reduced energy consumption has greatly reduced customer operational carbon footprint, while adding greatly to both our customers and Osprey3’s green credentials.

The customer opted for Osprey3’s RO systems against other alternatives due to Osprey3’s reputation for delivering operational energy efficiencies and lower running costs. Osprey3 worked closely with end user throughout the entire process, assuring optimum efficiencies in purification while assuring that safety and reducing potential environmental impact were at the forefront at all times.

Congratulations to the Osprey3 Netherlands team, who worked tirelessly to ensure this contract was fulfilled on-time and in-budget to the highest standard of quality.

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