• Centurion
  • 14/12/2021


In-line with Centurion’s commitment to help our customers and the industries we serve become safe, sustainable and efficient, Seanic UK’s Business Development Manager, Jason Henry, attended the COP26 Fringe events in October.

Held at Wood House in Glasgow, the events attended were entitled “The Race to Net Zero” and “The North Sea – An Area in Transition”, hosted by the Energy Industries Council (EIC). They featured keynote from prominent leaders in energy industries, followed Q&A panel discussions. The events provided insight into the strategies, technologies, processes and activities of some of the customers and industries that Seanic and Centurion serve regarding their roadmap to reaching ‘Net Zero’ by 2050.

Centurion UK are already making strides in helping their customers to reduce carbon emissions by investing in highly efficient equipment and technology, using biofuels where possible, and supporting customers in the renewable industries. With the addition of Engineered Solutions, Centurion UK further develop cutting-edge technologies to sustain our client’s drive to reduce carbon emissions and effective solutions for the building of carbon capture & storage infrastructures.

By attending events such as COP26, Centurion is demonstrating its dedication to sustainability and its willingness to “go the extra mile” for customers by taking advantage of opportunities to learn about practices and processes to better serve customers with their emission reduction goals.

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