• Centurion
  • 04/03/2022


Delivering on our commitment to support renewable energy initiatives, Centurion UK brands Seanic, STH and Osprey3 have combined strengths on a key offshore windfarm project.

The brands worked together to deliver a comprehensive equipment and service package for a European multinational energy services customer supporting the construction of the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) Offshore Wind Farm, a major sustainable energy development located in the North Sea, off the Fife Coast, Scotland. When completed, the farm will cover an area of 105km2, consist of 54 8MW wind turbines and have the capability to provide around 375,000 homes with green power.

Seanic was initially awarded work on this project in Spring 2021, providing a range of cutting-edge engineered equipment for the windfarm’s construction. As part of a second scope received in Autumn 2021, Seanic enlisted the support of fellow Centurion brands Osprey3 and STH after identifying an opportunity for the fellow brands to provide specialised services. Osprey3 and STH joined forces to provide Seanic with a Hydraulic Flushing package and ancillaries, with STH delivering their industry-leading hydraulic equipment for the package and Osprey3 fabricating the frames.

The Centurion UK teams worked within a tight time frame to safely, efficiently and successfully deliver the package, minimising all delays in quoting for the scope and ensuring that delivery comfortably suited the customer’s requirements.

For more information on Osprey3, please visit: www.osprey3.com

For more information on Seanic, please visit: www.seanicusa.com

For more information on STH, please visit: www.sthyd.com

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