• Centurion
  • 11/05/2021


Mining Camps Australia (MCA), a specialist provider of modern, portable accommodation solutions servicing the minerals, energy, infrastructure, construction, disaster recovery and agribusiness sectors, has completed its largest ever camp build operation.

MCA is part of Centurion, a proud global leader in the supply of critical services to the oil & gas, infrastructure, power, environmental and renewable energy industries. Prior to this contract, Centurion invested ~$2m in new camp assets to enable MCA to continue to grow and capitalize on the market opportunities. The MCA team wasted no time in finding a job to justify the investment.

The customised camp, which consisted of 141 beds and associated service buildings, was set up in remote regional New South Wales (NSW) to support the commencement of a mineral sands project. Taking only 30 days to mobilize and set up, the logistical scope alone required the coordinated delivery of more than 70 semi-trailers over 1,000 kilometres. The team did a great job building out the camp safely, and effectively and winning high praise from the customer for their service quality.

The safety and wellbeing of remote location workers is a primary consideration in the construction of these camps – the level of amenity in this new camp is testament to MCA’s commitment ensuring personnel are well looked after, with hotel grade kitchen dining facilities, fully equipped gyms, wet mess and respite areas, ensuite bedrooms, TV, data and more.

As part of Centurion’s commitment to provide solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges, MCA carried out elevated construction operations to minimise ground disturbance, while promoting rapid reinstatement of native bushland when the camp is removed. MCA uses state-of-the-art water and waste water treatment systems from fellow Centurion company Tristar Water Solutions, and intelligent power plant management to optimise power and emissions performance.

With summer temperatures routinely exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, all buildings are airconditioned and linked via an elevated covered walkway system. Local wildlife is respected and protected, with many species quickly adapting to the “cool” shade under the buildings and the welcome trickle of condensation from the refrigerated aircon drains.

Well done to MCA for the significant achievement in the successful completion of this large-scale camp build!

For more information on MCA, visit: https://miningcamps.com.au/

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