• Centurion
  • 26/11/2020


In October, Aberdeen-based Centurion brands ATR, Safety & Technical Hydraulics and Rentair teamed up together on a North Sea-based support package contract for a critical well test (DST) campaign.

RentAir Offshore – a Centurion company and industry-leading global provider of safe, environmentally-friendly and innovative specialist rental solutions to the offshore energy and renewables industries – combined their capabilities with two other fellow Centurion companies to offer an integrated packaged service on a recently-completed well test support contract.

The loadout for the major North Sea-based critical well test (DST) campaign was carried out in October, and saw RentAir work alongside ATR and Safety & Technical Hydraulics (STH), demonstrating the capabilities of their respective highly-trained personnel and industry-leading products.

Specialist equipment delivered by RentAir on this job included Zone II compressors, one Zone II steam generators, sand filters, and an extended well test hose package – with ATR and STH supplementing this package by offering additional torque guns, Crowcon gas detectors, thickness testers, spill kits, and lighting and extension cables to the operation.

By offering the client a bespoke and fully-integrated package, the job was completed efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Learn more about how RentAir, ATR and STH can assist with your offshore support requirements.

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