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  • 15/04/2024


Centurion Group (“Centurion” or “the Group”), a global leader in the supply of specialist rental equipment and services to critical industries is pleased to announce the simplification of our Asia Pacific region with the introduction of five business lines replacing legacy brands.

The following five business lines have been rolled out in the region:

  • Centurion Accommodation & Modular (legacy brand: Mining Camps Australia)
  • Centurion Lifting Services (legacy brand: Jacks)
  • Centurion Power & Equipment (legacy brands: RentAir and Jacks)
  • Centurion Subsea Services (legacy brands: Jacks Winches and Seanic Ocean Systems)
  • Centurion Water & Wastewater Solutions (legacy brand: Tristar Water Solutions)

The move from brands to business lines will enable the Group to deliver a unified customer experience where clients can benefit from the expertise, technology and industry-leading services that Centurion offers.

This is the second of Centurion's regions to introduce business lines, preceded by Centurion's UK, Europe & Caspian region in June 2023. With 93 bases in 13 countries and more than 3,000 employees, this next step will continue to support Centurion’s ambition to effectively communicate its offerings to customers in the Asia and Pacific region.

Brad Cowain, Vice President – Asia Pacific Region, commented:

"The launch of these five business lines is a momentous achievement, driven by the hard work, dedication, and expertise of all our Asia Pacific teams.

“Following our recent acquisition of BBB and the ongoing growth streak we’ve achieved in the region, this is an exciting strategic move that will allow us to better leverage the capabilities of all our regional offerings alongside the commercial strength of the global Group to deliver an unmatched experience for our customers.

“The legacy brands have long and well-established track records of delivering industry-leading equipment and services and by reintroducing them as business lines, we will be able to better communicate the power and scale of offerings to our customers across our end markets."




Martin Robinson / Harry Cameron

+44 (0) 207 353 4200 / centurion@teneo.com

About Centurion Group

Centurion is a global leader in the supply of critical services to the oil & gas, infrastructure, power, environmental and renewable energy industries. It combines the scale and the breadth of offerings in five main regions: the US, Canada, UK, Europe & Caspian, Middle East & North Africa, and Asia Pacific, with strong local presence in key energy markets to deliver value to customers around the world.

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