• Centurion
  • 19/06/2023


Aberdeen, UK, June 2023 – Centurion Group, a global leader in the supply of rentals and services to the critical industries, is pleased to announce that its UK, Europe & Caspian companies are rebranding and changing names to become Centurion business lines:

  • Centurion Accommodation & Modular (a combination of former trading names Conserve and Labtech)​
  • Centurion Fluid Filtration (former trading name Osprey3) ​
  • Centurion Flushing & Testing (former trading name STH)​
  • Centurion Power & Equipment (a combination of former trading names ATR and RentAir)​
  • Centurion Pressure Control (former trading name RMEC)​
  • Centurion Subsea Services (former trading names Aleron and Seanic).​

The rebranding in the UK, Europe & Caspian region is a key strategic move that will better communicate Centurion’s offering to customers.

Keith Moorhouse, President of the UK, Europe & Caspian Region, said: "The launch of Centurion’s new business lines in the UK, Europe & Caspian region is a huge achievement driven by the success of our legacy brands and the hard work and expertise of our people. We are an industry-leading business with diverse capabilities and expertise, and we are proud to be able to better leverage the scale and capabilities of Centurion to serve our customers in the region. By rolling out these business lines, our customers can better understand the diverse range of capabilities that we bring to the market, and will benefit from an unmatched level of service and wider range of technology and expertise to support their operations, driving efficiency and maximizing value."

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