• Centurion
  • 10/06/2024


Centurion is pleased to announce its recognition within Scotland’s top 100 private limited companies.

In Grant Thornton’s recently published annual Scotland Limited Report, Centurion ranked number 12 on the list. The report highlights the top 100 privately held companies that are driving Scotland’s commercial growth, strengthening the economy, and making meaningful contributions to the country’s business landscape. It also details industry trends, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity, international trade and a look to Scotland’s future.

Energy transition and expansion into the renewables sector are cited as key factors contributing to Centurion’s position on the list. Central to Centurion’s success over the past year is a drive to serve a wider range of industries outside of the energy sector, while supporting the global transition and energy decommissioning efforts by providing efficiency-driven rental equipment and services. Additionally, Centurion’s focus on the rental model supporting the creation of a circular economy also played a fundamental part in this past year’s performance.

Centurion also made gains in expanding operations to directly support the renewable and alternative energy sectors; this was driven by a number of major acquisitions of businesses that actively work across the offshore wind sector and support the production of lower-carbon energy sources, such as Liquid Natural Gas.

With an estimated ~340,000 private companies in Scotland, Centurion’s rank at number 12 is a significant achievement that speaks to the success of our business, and is testament to our operational strength, strategic advances, financial performance, and the tangible results being delivered.

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