• Centurion
  • 08/12/2021


Centurion UK employees have worked together to volunteer with AberNecessities, a local, non-profit charity that supports underprivileged families in North East Scotland.

Staff from across Centurion UK are taking turns dedicating an afternoon of volunteering at AberNecessities each week, where they have helped to wash and prepare donated clothes, organize and distribute donations to health centers, charity offices and more. Additionally, Centurion UK has graciously donated the use of a container free of charge to AberNecessities, providing the charity with extra storage space until they move to their new premises in the new year.

Danielle Flecher-Horn, Founder of AberNecessities said: "We are sincerely humbled by the generosity and support of Centurion UK . AberNecessities is driven by action and very much fuelled by the kindness of this wonderful community. Support such as this truly makes a huge difference to families living in our city and shire and we simply could not do what we do without the warmth of this city. Thank you."

These volunteering contributions help AberNecessities to provide families with essential items, helping alleviate the pressure of bringing up a young family with limited resources.

Supporting our local communities is part of Centurion’s DNA – well done to the Centurion UK team for coming together to support a very deserving local charity.

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