• Centurion
  • 17/11/2021


In line with Centurion’s commitment to efficiently and sustainably meeting the needs of our customers, SITE has recently added two fully-hybrid trucks to its vehicle lineup.

The vehicles are Ford F150 Lariat Power Boost Hybrid pickup trucks, which are able to operate in full electric mode in speeds up to 70 km per hour, making it a practical and low-carbon choice for traveling to-and-from customer jobsites. The trucks have been introduced to the fleet as part of a pilot project - if the project is successful, SITE this project will pave the way for eventual fleet conversion to include all hybrid vehicles.

The investment in the trucks were carried out as part of SITE’s continued drive to improve the overall efficiency of its transportation fleet. They will not only help to reduce the carbon footprint of customer operations, but will also lead to long-term cost savings due to the alternative fuel model by which the trucks are operated.

Well done to SITE for making this innovative investment in technology to support innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the industries in which we operate.

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