• Centurion
  • 18/08/2021

Centurion Delivers Efficiencies for Customers

Osprey3, a Centurion company that provides innovative water, waste and completion fluids products and services, continues to improve performance and deliver environmental efficiencies for customers via their cutting-edge High Flow Rate stacked and compact diatomaceous earth [DE] filtration system.

Designed and engineered exclusively by Osprey3, this highly compact, high-efficiency system with automated centralized flow control works by increasing process and throughput rates leading to improved efficiency, safety, and performance, while reducing set-up times and carbon footprint.

Osprey3’s High Flow Rate system has an increased number of filter chambers, with a 55% smaller footprint than alternative systems. This unique structure increases filter plates surface area from 1200 x 1200mm2 millimetres to 1500 x 1500mm2, resulting in a system that delivers an impressive processing flow rate up to 6.51m³ per minute.

When compared to alternatives, Osprey3’s system reduces costly and environmentally unsustainable mobilization and demobilization-related procedures – such as inspections, releases, shipping and verification notes – by 33%. Having been adopted by leading energy industry operators, Osprey3’s High Flow Rate system surpasses all other alternatives on the market in reducing incidental costs, resulting in environmental benefits by offering increased operational efficiencies, lower costs, and offering ease of installation.

For more information on Osprey3, please visit: www.osprey3.com

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