• Centurion
  • 12/03/2021

Centurion Completes Large-Scale Potable Water Project

SITE Resource Group, a Centurion Company that delivers remote environmental, remote access and infrastructure project services across Western Canada, has completed work on a significant waterline project that improves drinking water access to an entire community.

The Cold Lake Waterline Project saw SITE complete the construction and assist in the installation of 53km of pipe to transport potable water to the town of Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada, from neighbouring Cold Lake. The project kicked off in 2019 and took two years to execute from inception to completion.

Many parts of the waterline were installed in challenging environments, with over3km being installed using trenchless installation methods to avoid rivers, creeks, and wetlands. They installed over 30km of permanent barbed-wire fencing, and more than 30 hectares of farmland was reclaimed, including topsoil rollback and both drill and broadcast seeding. SITE also provided excavation and road construction for the City of Cold Lake as part of the project.

As Canada’s leading specialists in remote environmental access, SITE used their extensive industry expertise and advanced techniques to position the pipe safely and efficiently, while keeping environmental impact to a minimum

Through innovation and evolution, SITE went the extra mile and worked together with their client to complete a major infrastructure project that will improve the drinking water of the communities in the area for decades.

Well done to the entire team at SITE for their work on this project and making a profound, long-lasting impact on the community!

For more information on SITE, please visit: https://siterg.com/

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