• Centurion
  • 11/08/2022


Centurion Canada Infrastructure (CINF) – an industry leader in the provision of remote access, environmental and infrastructure services and maintenance across Western Canada – is commencing work on three solar projects in southern Alberta.

The projects, which will span into 2023, will see CINF provide civil earthworks to carry out essential site preparation work for the construction of three large scale solar projects, which will play a critical role in the region’s journey to an energy diverse and lower carbon future. To reduce potential environmental impact, CINF will be using cutting-edge techniques and equipment to only clear where necessary while employing environmental remediation work within the project.

Part of a larger collaboration with one of CINF’s existing, key renewable energy clients, CINF was awarded this work as a result of its success and demonstrated expertise executing several other projects with a high level of safety, quality and workmanship.

These projects are a significant opportunity for CINF to demonstrate its incomparable ability to redeploy its capacity into new sectors by providing Civil Earthworks to both onshore Wind and Solar projects across North America.

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