• Centurion
  • 12/10/2021


ATR, part of Centurion, is delighted to announce that they have secured a new agreement with Enelift, the leading provider of transportation and storage systems for casing, tubing, drill pipe, drilling jars, accelerators, screen liners and BHAs.

This agreement allows ATR to offer customers Enelift’s highly-differentiated Hinge Lok™ systems – all aluminium, non-welded transportation cradle used for safe and efficient transportation of casing and tubing – via their Aberdeen facility.

Through its cutting-edge design and ability to accommodate various sizes of tubular within the same frame, the only system currently on the market with this feature, Hinge Lok™ systems also provides an incredibly high standard of safety, help reduce your carbon footprint and ensure significant cost efficiencies for your ongoing operations.

This new agreement with Enelift was established as part of Centurion and ATR’s drive to offer customers efficient, safe, and sustainable solutions. Together with Enelift, ATR will jointly market and supply the solution throughout the UK and beyond, offering an ever-growing customer base a cutting-edge solution that puts environmental and operational performance at the forefront.

For more information on ATR, visit: http://www.atrgroup.co.uk/

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